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The Gadfly
The Gadfly is a series of letters offering commentary on local issues and published in the Warrensburg Gazette, 2002 Archives

This page contains the archives from 2002

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Letters from 2002

Gadfly 171 Published on 12/26/2002, discusses the Park Board's pursuit of a skateboard park, and suggesting it would be better left to private industry.

Gadfly 170 Published on 12/19/2002, containing my Christmas wished for Warrensburg & Johnson County.

Gadfly 169 Published on 12/12/2002, on why I oppose aspects of the Homeland Security bill.

Gadfly 168 Published on 12/5/2002, discussing Jay Nixon's proposed "No Spam" list.

Gadfly 167 Published on 11/29/2002, talks about the whining heard from both Republicans and Democrats; they both want your money.

Gadfly 166 Published on 11/21/2002, talks about 4 civic boards that deal with tax money: the Board of Services, the Ambulance Board, the Tourism Advisory Board and the Main Street Board.

Gadfly 165 Published on 11/14/2002, tells how many non-voters were taxed by the minority who did vote (and voted "yes").

Gadfly 164 For publication on 11/7/2002, discussing the many "celebrity" phone calls received during the recent campaign.

Gadfly 163 Published on 10/31/2002, describes the mechanics of voting a "straight ticket" with a subtle hint to vote Libertarian.

Gadfly 162 Published on 10/24/2002, using the new Blind Boone statue to take a gentle poke at Warrensburg driving habits and the downtown "bump outs.".

Gadfly 161 Published on 10/17/2002, discusses the issues on the November 5th ballot and tells why I support or oppose each of them.

Gadfly 160 For publication on 10/10/2002, discussing the reactivation of the local regional planning commission and the overall topic of government blackmail.

Gadfly 159 For publication on 10/3/2002, on CMSU and fiscal discipline.

Gadfly 158 Published on 9/26/2002, on misleading candidate ads and suggesting a third-party vote.

Gadfly 157 Published 9/19/2002, my annual letter about the need for a downtown fall festival and offering some ideas for it.

Gadfly 156 Published on 9/12/2002, discussing what the City and Main Street need to do before getting Phase II of the downtown renovation project under way. See also Gadfly 149, Gadfly 146, Gadfly 140, Gadfly 50 and Gadfly 47

Gadfly 155 and Gadfly 155a Two alternative letters for publication on 9/5/2002, offering thoughts on the "ambulance strike" to come when Warrensburg ceases operation on Dec 1, and commenting on the intransigence of the Ambulance Board. See also Gadfly 150 and Gadfly 147

Gadfly 154 Published on 8/29/2002, discussing the Old Drum bus service and offering a modest alternative to provide better service at lower cost. See also Gadfly 137

Gadfly 153 Published 8/22/2002, discussing daily newspapers and their failure to report the news fairly, along with editorial agendas that ignore the facts.

Gadfly 152 Published on 8/15/2002, discussing the failure of the statewide tax issues and suggesting an alternative for funding highways.

Gadfly 151 Published 8/8/2002, a reaction to a taxing body (the medical center board)actually reducing levy rates

Gadfly 150 For publication on 8/1/2002, discussing the contretemps between the ambulance board and the City of Warrensburg.

Gadfly 149 Published 7/25/2002, discussing the downtown bumpouts (again) and the demise of Main Street efforts to tax property owners.

Gadfly 148 Published 7/18/2002, discussing some of the ballot issues on the August 6 primary ballot and the necessity to be informed before you vote. For candidate interviews, see articles submitted to the Warrensburg Free Press

Gadfly 147 Published 7/11/2002, discussing the progress of the Johnson County Ambulance Board.

Gadfly 146 For publication on 7/5/2002, discussing the "pedestrian bump-outs" sprouting in downtown Warrensburg. See also Gadfly 140, Gadfly 50 and Gadfly 47

Gadfly 145 Published 6/27/2002, discussing the appearance of waste in CMSU President Patton's trip to the Far East.

Gadfly 144 For publication on 6/20/2002, discussing the transportation tax issue to be on the August ballot.

Gadfly 143 Published 6/13/2002, discussing the Warrensburg R-VI school levy that passed with only 10% of the potential voters in favor.

Gadfly 142 Published 6/6/2002, reporting on the success of the Blind Boone festival and regretting that more of the "elite" weren't there.

Gadfly 141 Published 5/30/2002, discussing the many conflicting events in the immediate area on June 1st, and suggesting that coordination and promotion would be a good use for tourism tax money.

Gadfly 140 Published 5/23/2002, telling how Warrensburg Main Street, Inc., got the cart before the horse in their efforts to establish a Community Improvement District

Gadfly 139 Published 5/16/2002, comparing a local grant and the stadium issue from the standpoint of government subsidies for private business.

Gadfly 138 Published 5/9/2002, clarifying how the Hancock Amendment affects school taxes, so the R-VI district can't use rollbacks as an argument in their quest for a levy increase.

Gadfly 137 Published 5/2/2002, discussing the low ridership of the Old Drum Bus Service.

Gadfly 136 Published 4/25/2002, discussing some questions about flaunting of laws and ordinances by various local governmental bodies.

Gadfly 135 Published 4/18/2002, expressing outrage at local representatives for supporting a bill that wuld allow local income tax surcharges for school districts.

Gadfly 134 Published 4/11/2002, commenting on the cavalier treatment of Assistant City Manager Joy Rushing.

Gadfly 133 Published 4/4/2002, updating readers on what our local representatives have been doing.

Gadfly 132A For publication 3/28/2002, not published because it was too close to the election, commenting on the various candidates & issues on the ballot in Warrensburg and Johnson County.

Gadfly 132 Published 3/28/2002, commenting on the threats to the First Amendment posed by the Warrensburg "disorderly conduct" ordinance and the so-called "campaign finance reform".

Gadfly 131 Published 3/21/2002, suggesting people get involved by filing for office.

Gadfly 130 Published 3/14/2002, commenting on the proposed tax to buld a new regional library headquarters and upgrade the branches.

Gadfly 129 Published 3/7/2002, commenting on the proposed Ambulance District tax and speculating on what will happen if it doesn't pass.

Gadfly 128 Published 2/28/2002, commenting on the Warrensburg R-VI School Board's decision to put a 50 cent operating levy increase on the June ballot.

Gadfly 127 Published 2/21/2002, commenting on the recent raid on a tobacco shop for selling "drug-related" items over the counter, as well as other anomalies in the "war on drugs."

Gadfly 126 Published 2/14/2002, discussing how property is assessed for taxes and ho wmuch tax various entities collect.

Gadfly 125 Published 2/7/2002, discussing tree damage from the ice storm and the possible political effects on April's city council and ambulance tax elections.

Gadfly 124 Published 1/31/2002, discussing several issues related to the Greater Warrensburg Area Chamber of Commerce & Visitor Center (GWACC&VC) and CMSU, including CMSU's offer to pay membership dues for faculty and continued non-promotion of Warrensburg by the GWACC&VC.

Gadfly 123 Published 1/24/2002, discussing a meeting about sewage problems in the county.

Gadfly 122 Published 1/17/2002, discussing the decision by Warrensburg's City Council to act as a 'supervisory committee' in lieu of naming an interim city manager while selecting a new permanent one.

Gadfly 121 Published 1/10/2002, raising questions that should be asked of City Council candidates.

Gadfly 120 Published 1/3/2002, discussing details of the Warrensburg city budget, especially fire/ambulance, community center and 1/2 cent sales tax.

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