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The Gadfly
The Gadfly is a series of letters offering commentary on local issues and published in the Warrensburg Gazette, 2003 Archives

This page contains the archives from 2003

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Letters from 2003

Gadfly 220 Published 12/25/2003, on the latest travesty of a tourism brochure published by the GWACC&VC with taxpayer money.

Gadfly 219 Published for 12/18/2003, on the proposed elimination of term limits for the Warrensburg City Council

Gadfly 218 Published 12/11/2003, discussing the Warrensburg Area Economic Development Corporation; asking what it does and where the money comes from.

Gadfly 217 Published 11/28/2003, on upcoming local elections

Gadfly 216 Submitted for 11/20/2003, published 12/4/2003, discussing the "subsidy scam" in St. Louis, with local implications.

Gadfly 215 Published 10/13/2003, discussing the effects of the sales tax for parks that passed, as well as the dispute over a property purchase by the county

Gadfly 214 Published 11/6/2003, on Blind Boone Park.

Gadfly 213 Published for 10/30/2003, discussing the issues involving downtown Warrensburg, the Chamber and Main Street.

Gadfly 212 Published 10/23/2003, my annual comment on the need for a fall festival (Old Drum Days), and suggesting ideas for a "dog-gone good time.".

Gadfly 211 Published 10/16/2003, on the desire of the Warrensburg Area Economic Development Corp. for the County to buy more land for an industrial park.

Gadfly 210 Published 10/9/2003, discussing the proposed city sales tax for parks.

Gadfly 209 Published 10/2/2003, expressing dismay at the efforts of the ISCi to sabotage the JCBS takeover of the sheltered workshop.

Gadfly 208 Published 9/25/2003, on the concealed carry veto override, some of the strange attacks by the left on override supporters, and thanking our local legislators for their vote.

Gadfly 207 Published 9/18/2003, discussing the Ambulance Board's plan to issue $760,000 in notes without a vote and calling for some accounting.

Gadfly 206 Published 9/11/2003, bringing up Warrensburg's sesquicentennial in 2005 and telling how to volunteer.

Gadfly 205 Published 9/4/2003, with some random thoughts about Warrensburg signs, the "no-spam" law, ISCi dudgeon, and the proposed new Lowe's store.

Gadfly 204 Published 8/28/2003, objecting to the proposal for a 3/8 of 1% sales tax for parks.

Gadfly 203 Published 8/21/2003, wondering why the local prosecutor is pursuing the death penalty in the Raymond Wood case, enough so that the judge threw out evidence for "prosecutorial misconduct."

Gadfly 202 Published 8/14/2003, about government (especially CMSU) waste at the State Fair.

Gadfly 201 Published for 8/7/2003, about Warrensburg's record in destroying historic buildings such as the Anderson House in Old Town.

Gadfly 200 Published 7/31/2003, concerning the "task force" to research the building of a new jail. See also Gadfly 189

Gadfly 199 Published 7/24/2003, about the Chamber of Commerce membership drive and questions on the tourism effort.

Gadfly 198 Published 7/17/2003, on "good" and "evil" in politics and government services.

Gadfly 197 Published 7/10/2003, about Gov. Holden's veto of concealed carry legislation.

Gadfly 196 Submitted for 6/26/2003, published 7/3, concerning the proposal by Youth Excited about Sports (YES) to lease city parkland and build a sports complex.

Gadfly 195 Published 6/19/2003, on festivals in the local area, especially the Blind Boone festival.

Gadfly 190 Published 6/12/2003, on the cost of the new hiking/biking trail, pork barrel spending and taxes in general.

Gadfly 189 Published 6/5/2003, on baseball and the CMSU Mules' national championship.

Gadfly 192 Published 5/29/2003, on phone taxes and the state budget; suggesting the legislature repeal the state income tax and replace it with a sales tax.

Gadfly 191 Published 5/22/2003, on the Library Board and the need for a better Warrensburg library branch.

Gadfly 190 Published 5/15/2003, on the Governor's expected veto of concealed carry legislation.

Gadfly 189 Published 5/8/2003, on the need for a new jail, with some things for the officials to consider.

Gadfly 188 Published 5/1/2003, commenting on cost to run the new regional planning commission.

Gadfly 187 Published 4/24/2003, on the Old Drum Bus Service. See also Gadfly 137 and Gadfly 154.

Gadfly 186 Published 4/17/2003, commenting on turnout at the municipal election.

Gadfly 185 Published 4/10/2003, on volunteer efforts and working together.

Gadfly 184 Submitted for 4/3/2003, not printed, on upcoming municipal elections.

Gadfly 183 Published on 3/27/2003, discussing the latest setback for the ambulance district board, the sudden resignation of the highly-paid "Executive Administrator.".

Gadfly 182 Published on 3/20/2003, reminding the GWACC&VC about the Blind Boone Music & Culture festival on June 14th.

Gadfly 181 Published on 3/13/2003, discussing various government officials' attitudes toward the taxpayer.

Gadfly 180 Published on 3/6/2003, on Jefferson City's "blame game" and the state financial problems.

Gadfly 179 Published on 2/27/2003, relating to the motives of the people on the "Peace March" in Warrensburg.

Gadfly 178 Published on 2/20/2003, on the Warrensburg R-VI School District's TV studio and MAP scores.

Gadfly 177 Published on 2/13/2003, supporting the "Fair Tax" concept.

Gadfly 176 Published on 2/6/2003, with more information on CASA and the TV coverage.

Gadfly 175 For publication on 1/23/2003, discussing the failure of CASA and bringing up many other failures to exercise proper financial oversight by appointed or elected boards.

Gadfly 174 Published on 1/16/2003, discussing the most recent activities of the Ambulance Board, especially when they want to add a sales tax to their property tax!

Gadfly 173 Published on 1/9/2003, reminding readers about the many open and hidden taxes we pay.

Gadfly 172 Published on 1/2/2003, stating pros and cons on the proposed vote on a "local option" fence law.

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