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Gadfly 159
Submitted to the Warrensburg Gazette for October 3, 2002

The Gadfly is a series of letters offering commentary on local issues and published in the Warrensburg Gazette.

I hear that CMSU enrollment is down quite a bit this year. That’s only to be expected when regional economic problems are combined with major increases in tuition and fees. Faculty members in some departments are disgruntled because new faculty members in more favored departments are getting paid more. The Muleskinner has returned to the usual pablum, and the radio station has changed its programming to a very narrow market niche.

Perhaps CMSU wouldn’t have had to raise fees as much if they’d exercised a bit of fiscal responsibility in the past. They have finally paid settlements in the lawsuits that arose from of the Ed Elliott retirement contract (the one that was illegal). One suit was Dr. Elliott’s for breach of contract when the Board of Governors terminated the illegal contract. The other individual paid off was the Muleskinner’s advisor, who was canned after she let the students engage in real journalism.

Another place they could save money is their campus police force. While there certainly is a need for a security force to help provide a safe campus, it appears the campus police have enough time to write tickets for traffic offenses not directly related to the University; or so a local radio personality related his experience over the air. Might a review of the resources assigned to this function be appropriate?

CMSU recently converted most of the area known as Buentetown to another parking lot. More blacktop where once there was a community. Now, this money may have been a specific appropriation, but last I heard the state was in financial difficulties, as well.

There are plenty of other places where taxpayer money and student fees could be saved. CMSU provides a substantial subsidy to the virtually-riderless Old Drum Bus Service. I haven’t heard if they are still offering to pay instructors’ dues to the Warrensburg Chamber of Commerce. CMSU doesn’t seem to put much stock in the old saying about taking carry of one’s pennies.

Wait, what am I thinking? Who cares about CMSU’s spending? After all, the Mules football team is undefeated and nationally ranked.

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