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The Gadfly
The Gadfly is a series of letters offering commentary on local issues and published in the Warrensburg Gazette, 2004 Archives

This page contains the archives from 2004

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Letters from 2004

Gadfly 272 Published 12/30/2004, looks at some of the top local tax-and-money related stories, especially the county "deficit."

Gadfly 271 Published 12/23/2004, asking just what is meant by the effort to spend $60,000 to "brand" Warrensburg.

Gadfly 270 Published 12/16/2004, advocates the "Fair Tax.".

Gadfly 269 Published 12/9/2004, contrasting Warrensburg with Sedalia on use of the tourism room tax, to Warrensburg's detriment.

Gadfly 268 Published 12/2/2004, talking about the property tax burden and hidden taxes.

Gadfly 267 Published 11/25/2004, questioning the decision of the GWACC&VC to seek to operate the License Bureau in Johnson CoOunty.

Gadfly 266 Published 11/18/2004, advocating an urban deer hunt in Warrensburg.

Gadfly 265 Published 11/12/2004, with messages from the election, for everybody.

Gadfly 264 Published 11/4/2004, on political discourse and demagoguery, especially with respect to the Fair Tax, Social Security and the electoral system.

Gadfly 263 Published 10/28/2004, associating CMSU Homecoming, Halloween, greed, and big-box stores.

Gadfly 262 Published 10/21/2004, comments on editorial rantings against concealed carry.

Gadfly 261 Published 10/14/2004, discussing Amendment 3, ending the gas tax diversion, on the 11/2/ballot.

Gadfly 260 Published 10/7/2004, a rather tongue-in-cheek proposal to turn Trash Day into a festival.

Gadfly 259 Published 9/30/2004, tells a bit about 3rd parties and describes how to vote a 'split ticket'.

Gadfly 258 Published 9/23/2004, talks about historical partisanship of the press in view of the "Rathergate" scandal.

Gadfly 257 Published 9/16/2004, discusses the President's visit to Warrensburg, tax support for AMTRAK and tourism dollars.

Gadfly 256 Published 9/9/2004, my annual lament on the lack of a fall festival in Warrensburg.

Gadfly 255 Published 9/2/2004, comments ont eh poor attendance at the Farm Bureau's candidate forum and the reasons people affiliate with certain parties.

Gadfly 254 Published 8/26/2004, congratulates the Johnson County Board of Services for reducing their tax levy.

Gadfly 253 Published 8/19/2004, reports on the new changes to the Sunshine Law.

Gadfly 252 Published 8/12/2004, discusses local election results and gives advice for the next time the jail comes up.

Gadfly 251 Published 8/5/2004, talks about how the NIMBY ("Not in My Back Yard") attitude affects economic decisions locally.

Gadfly 250 Published 7/29/2004, discusses the growth of bureaucracy as specifically related to the "threat" to Whiteman AFB

Gadfly 249 Published 7/22/2004, comments on the Warrensburg "economic summit" that left out county officials.

Gadfly 248 Published 7/15/2004, discusses ballot issues for the August 3 primary.

Gadfly 247 Published 7/8/2004, reports on tourism efforts in other areas as noted on a recent vacation and wonders why Warrensburg won't use its Old Drum hook

Gadfly 246 Published 7/1/2004, discussing some rumors about the jail and advocating informed voting. See Gadfly 242 and Gadfly 200

Gadfly 245 Published 6/24/2004, the Blind Boone festival and wondering if Warrensburg will ever have a city-wide event.

Gadfly 244 Published 6/17/2004, discusses the situation of downtown Warrensburg and options for the Jackson Appliance property

Gadfly 243 Published 6/3/2004, relating to the "wetland" controversy involving Culp Park and Lowe's.

Gadfly 242 Published for 5/27/2004, discussing the proposed new jail. See also Gadfly 200

Gadfly 241 Published 5/20/2004, a follow-up to my comments published April 29 on tax breaks for developers. See Gadfly 238

Gadfly 240 Published 5/13/2004, on KMOS (CMSU's PBS channel) move to HDTV and the cost to consumers and the taxpayer.

Gadfly 239 Published 5/6/2004, discussing the need for the legislature to pass reforms of the Sunshine Law (SB1020) and eminent domain (HB1085).

Gadfly 238 Published 4/29/2004, questioning the approximately $1/2 million in tax incentives for the Lowe's project in Warrensburg.

Gadfly 237 Published 4/22/2004, in reply to an letter attacking me published in the 4/8/04 Gazette, by Mr. Kim Green, administrative asistant to Sen. Caskey.

Gadfly 236 Published 4/15/2004, identifying some heroes and villains in the fight for concealed carry.

Gadfly 235 Published 4/8/2004, talks about taxes, advocates the "fair tax" and compliments the Library Board on acquiring a new faciltiy without a new tax.

Gadfly 234 Published 4/1/2004, on the April Fools smorgasbord of legislation sponsored by area legislators.

Gadfly 233 Published 3/25/2004, on Linda Eaton's service on the Board of Services

Gadfly 232 Published 3/18/2004, discussing the City's sudden decision to collect room tax on tax exempt motel guests and pointing out that no proof of effectiveness is required of the Chamber.

Gadfly 231 Published 3/11/2004, regarding the resignation of the Main Street Director and the need for Main Street to get some focus before hiring someone else.

Gadfly 230 Published 3/4/2004, comments on the upcoming municpal elections and offers some advice for those appointed or elected to boards.

Gadfly 229 Published 2/26/2004, on the latest Blue Book, with state employee numbers.

Gadfly 228 Published 2/19/2004, recommending people file for office, especially precinct committeeman.

Gadfly 227 Published 2/12/2004, advocating reforms in the Missouri Sunshine Law to make it stiffer.

Gadfly 226 Published 2/5/2004, regarding the lack of administrator cuts in the Warrensburg R-VI school board's retrenchment plans.

Gadfly 225 Published 1/29/2004, on the bills to rename Southwest Missouri State to MSU and suggesting some tongue-in-cheek names for CMSU.

Gadfly 224 Published 1/22/2004, on Warrensburg's omission from a Midwest Traveler article on cities with murals, in relation to the tourism room tax.

Gadfly 223 Submitted for 1/15/2004, on the road tax renewal issue on the February ballot

Gadfly 222 Published 1/8/2004, on the February Presidential Preference Primary ballot.

Gadfly 221 Published 1/1/2004, regarding a proposal to allow archers to hunt deer within the Warrensburg city limits.

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