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The Gadfly
The Gadfly is a series of letters offering commentary on local issues and published in the Warrensburg Gazette, 2000 Archives

This page contains the archives from 2000

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Letters from 2000

Gadfly 71 Published 12/14/2000, discussing local tax-related issues.

Gadfly 70 Published 11/22/2000, discussing the planning process for the new Trails Library, including site and the need to comply with the 'sunshine law.'

Gadfly 69 Published 11/16/2000, suggesting a Question All Candidates Committee (QACC) to get the information voters need to make intelligent choices on local candidates & issues.

Gadfly 68 Published 11/9/2000, identifying local issues that I'll be focusing on in future letters (now that the election is over).

Gadfly 67 Published in part 11/2/2000, discussing local races with emphasis on the Caskey/Howerton race and the Angel/Williams race.

Gadfly 66 For publication 10/26/2000 (not published due to space limitations), discussing the the Caskey/Howerton race and the Democratic Party's misleading attack mailing against Howerton.

Gadfly 65 Published 10/19/2000, discussing the scam 'federal budget surplus' and why it's a scam.

Gadfly 64 Published 10/12/2000, discussing the reasons to vote for third party candidates and offering links to some websites.

Gadfly 63 Published 10/5/2000, critiquing Amendment 3, the latest attempt by the legislature to avoid voting on their salary increases, with a specific shot at their lucrative & unjustified retirement plan.

Gadfly 62 Published 9/28/2000, critiquing Proposition A, the highway beautification (anti-billboard) initiative to be voted on this fall.

Gadfly 61 Published 9/21/2000, commenting on the City of Warrensburg's financial woes, with special attention to the community center deficit and relating local problems to the national campaigns.

Gadfly 60 Published 9/14/2000, critiquing what's wrong with the so-called "Fair Elections" initiative (Proposition B) to be voted on this fall.

Gadfly 59 Published 9/7/2000, discussing the demise of the Warrensburg Fall Festival and Warrensburg Day at Kaufman Stadium (both GWACC&VC sponsored), in contrast to the community spirit generated by the Blind Boone Park project.

Gadfly 58 Published 8/31/2000, discussing issues related to the location of a peaking power plant near Holden, including the $150 million bond subsidy and what would have been different if Zoning had passed.

Gadfly 57 Published 8/24/2000, reporting on the very latest meeting of the GWACC&VC Tourism Advisory Board.

Gadfly 56 Published 8/17/2000, commenting on the difficulty of finding uncontested and minor party results, and advocating a county website.

Gadfly 55 Published 8/10/2000, commenting on the poor media coverage of local candidates and their positions.

Gadfly 54 Published 8/3/2000, commenting on the CMSU Board of Governor's offer to buy out Dr. Elliott's contract.

Gadfly 53 Published 7/27/2000, concerning local political signs and ads, pointing out judicial candidates stretching legal requirements and some inexplicable lapses by other candidates. Also with links to Missouri state party websites.

Gadfly 52 Published 7/20/2000, concerning the new Missouri Veterans Home in Warrensburg and speculating on the partisan political aspects of selecting Warrensburg over Clinton.

Gadfly 51 Published 7/13/2000, concerning some candidates in the Reform Party primary with some of their zanier quotes and links to the sources. A good reason to vote Libertarian!

Gadfly 50 Published 7/6/2000, concerning the plans for downtown Warrensburg streetscape improvement project (see gadfly 47 for earlier comments).

Gadfly 49 Published 6/29/2000, suggesting plastic dogs as a tourist attraction for Warrensburg (really - other places are doing it with cows, pigs & rabbits).

Gadfly 48 Published 6/22/2000, concerning the latest meeting of the Tourism Advisory Board for the GWACC&VC (chamber of commerce).

Gadfly 47 Published 6/15/2000, concerning the state grant of $300,000 as part of Main Street's downtown revitalization project, and taking a shot at the so-called "pedestrian bumpouts" in the project.

Gadfly 46 Published 6/8/2000, concerning the citizens' group to revitalize the J.W. "Blind" Boone park in Warrensburg.

Gadfly 45 Published 6/1/2000, concerning the impending premiere of the made-for-TV movie "Who Shot Old Drum" and what Warrensburg could do with the publicity. Written by Sandra.

Gadfly 44 Published 5/25/2000, concerning bills passed and not passed by the Missouri legislature.

Gadfly 43 Published 5/18/2000, concerning the difference between the volunteer-run West Side Community Center and the "Taj Mahal" new community center.

Gadfly 42 Published 5/11/2000, concerning the State Auditor's report on the CMSU Board of Governor's contract with Dr. Ed Elliott, with a suggested way out.

Gadfly 41 Published 5/4/2000, concerning the Old Drum Transportation Committee and their proposed local bus service.

Gadfly 40 Published 4/27/2000, concerns the latest meeting of the Warrensburg Chamber's tourism tax advisory board, covering both its progress & its shortfalls.

Gadfly 39 Published 4/20/2000, concerning composition of Chamber of Commerce membership, especially domination by institutional members, in view of their intention to recruit "agri-business."

Gadfly 38 Published 4/13/2000, concerns the lack of tourism promotional signs in Warrensburg. Written by Sandra.

Gadfly 37 Published 4/6/2000, concerning the 2000 Census.

Gadfly 36 Published 3/23/2000, concerning CMSU's penchant for secrecy in public issues, especially with respect to Dr. Elliott's contract.

Gadfly 35 Published 3/9 & 3/16/2000, concerning the proposed county use tax to pave gravel roads. Part 1 analyzes the road project & Part 2 looks at the use tax.

Special Issue Published 3/2/2000, concerning the demise of Warrensburg's fall festival, known as Old Drum Days.

Gadfly 34 Published 2/24/2000, concerning the Warrensburg Tourism tax, the lack of advisory board oversight of spending, and conducting public business as privately as possible.

Gadfly 33 Published 2/17/2000, concerning competing bills to regulate private jails (by Reps. Howerton & Williams) and Rep. Willams' slanted voter survey.

Gadfly 32 Published 2/10/2000, concerns the 1-1/2 cent county Use Tax to be voted on in April, including info on who is taxed and with questions about how the money is to be used.

Gadfly 31 Published 2/3/2000, concerning questions that the candidates for the R-VI School Board need to answer before we vote.

Gadfly 30 Published 1/27/2000, concerning more bills introduced in the legislature, either by our local representatives or affecting Warrensburg (with a special comment on a lawsuit filed as relative to a CMSU fire in 1997).

Gadfly 29 Published 1/20/2000, concerning the Old Drum story as butchered in the latest phone book, and a surmise that the Chamber of Commerce may have something to do with it.

Gadfly 28 Published 1/13/2000, concerning bills before the legislature.

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