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The Gadfly
The Gadfly is a series of letters offering commentary on local issues and published in the Warrensburg Gazette, 2001 Archives

This page contains the archives from 2001

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Letters from 2001

Gadfly 119 Published 12/27/2001, discussing the interrelationship of three meetings in Warrensburg on 12/18: the City Council budget meeting, the County Commission meeting on ambulance sub-districts, and the R-VI school board meeting.

Gadfly 118 Published 12/20/2001, discussing the effects of redistricting on Johnson County and local political hopefuls.

Gadfly 117 Published 12/13/2001, discussing pre-filed bills by local legislators.

Gadfly 116 Published 12/6/2001, discussing the Park Board's desire to acquire the CMSU farm for an east side park, when they can't afford the ones they have.

Gadfly 115 For publication 11/29/2001, relating to the City of Warrensburg's fiscal crisis, and some of the mistakes (for which nobody has been held responsible) which caused it.

Gadfly 114 Published 11/22/2001, Discusing the real and personal property tax bills.

Gadfly 113 For publication 11/15/2001, calling into question the Warrensburg R-VI School Board's desire (and need) to raise school taxes by 50 cents per $100.

Gadfly 112 Published 11/8/2001, expressing what rural Missouri should think about the latest attempt to siphon off tax dollars to support millionaire sports owners by spending $250 million on Kansas City stadiums.

Gadfly 111 Published 11/1/2001, discussing the attempts by school board and school administrator associations to ride roughshod over the taxpayer.

Gadfly 110 For publication 10/24/2001, wondering why Warrensburg needs more office space in view of the fairly slow growth over the last 20 years.

Gadfly 109 Published 10/18/2001, a humorous discussion of the City of Warrensburg Planning and Zoning Commission's proposal to require permits for placing benches in front of downtown businesses. Daffy Duck would have problems reading this one out loud.

Gadfly 108 Published 10/11/2001, concerning Warrensburg's financial problems.

Gadfly 107 Published 10/4/2001, discussing the City of Warrensburg placing unacceptable conditions on the transfer of land to the Library Board for construction of a new library.

Gadfly 106 Published 9/27/2001, updating the status of my inquiries on the uses of Warrensburg's tourism tax (see also Gadfly 93, 98, 99 & 100 as well as Tourism tax area).

Gadfly 105 Published 9/20/2001, cautioning about allowing the response to the acts of 9/11/01 infringe on our rights and liberties.

Gadfly 104 Published 9/13/2001, discussing the tax rate for the Johnson County Board of Services.

Gadfly 103 Published 9/6/2001, discussing the fire department sexual harrassment scandal.

Gadfly 102 Published 8/30/2001, discussing changes in local radio programming and suggesting a local issues program would gain listeners.

Gadfly 101 Published 8/23/2001, discussing the plans for starting Old Drum Days again, with suggestions on how they can make it exciting (see Gadfly OD as well).

Gadfly 100 Published 8/16/2001, discussing the Chamber's tourism tax financial statements (see Gadfly 93,98 & 99 as well).

Gadfly 99 Published 8/9/2001, discussing the Chamber's projetcs under the state's Cooperative Marketing Program (see Gadfly 93 and 98 as well).

Gadfly 98 Published 8/2/2001, discussing the Chamber's reply to my request for tourism tax information under the Sunshine Law(see Gadfly 93 as well).

Gadfly 97 Published 7/26/2001, discussing the proposal for a new Trails Regional Library in Warrensburg, including location and means of financing.

Gadfly 96 7/19/2001, relating to a proposed ambulance district and the money spent to build a new TV tower for our local PBS station.

Gadfly 95 Published 7/12/2001, discussing events upcoming at Blind Boone Park in Warrensburg.

Gadfly 94 Published 7/5/2001, discussing new stadium fever - the desire to spend taxpayer money to build new sports venues in Missouri's major cities.

Gadfly 93 Published 6/28/2001, a Missouri Sunshine Law request to the Greater Warrensburg Area Chamber of Commerce & Visitor Center for data about the room tax and tourism board.

Gadfly 92 Published 6/21/2001, discussing the improperly constituted Tourism Advisory Board.

Gadfly 91 Published 6/14/2001, discussing county-wide reassessment and its potential implications for your taxes.

Gadfly 90 Published 5/31/2001, an 'open letter' to the legislature talking about some of the things they did and didn't do in the session just ended.

Gadfly 89 Published 5/24/2001, discussing the City's loss in recent lawsuit by a bar owner,and dredging up the TIF fiasco and Community center problems.

Gadfly 88 Published 5/17/2001, comparing Warresburg's tourism treatment of Old Drum to Marshall's treatment of Jim the Wonder Dog, and commenting about how the County Commission is hampering Main Street.

Gadfly 87 Published 5/10/2001, discussing a variety of items, including the legislator news releases, term limits, party symbols and the CMSU Mules.

Gadfly 86 Published 5/3/2001, discussing population shifts in Johnson County and wondering about political impact.

Gadfly 85 For publication 4/19/2001 (but not printed), discussing the burden of the income tax and suggesting the 'fair tax' alternative.

Gadfly 84 Published 4/12/2001, alerting the public to the beginnng of a move to have tax to support the Warrensburg ambulance service.

Gadfly 83 Published 4/5/2001, commenting about the reapportionment process.

Gadfly 82 Submitted but not published for 3/29/2001, wondering why we still don't know anything about our School Board and City Council candidates.

Gadfly 81 Published 3/22/2001, taking exception to the latest legislative proposals to increase the general sales tax to help fund highways

Gadfly 80 Published 3/15/2001, making fun of the Warrensburg Planning & Zoning Commission's desire to pass an ordinance to restrict business signs.

Gadfly 79 Published 3/8/2001, looking at some proposed laws to criminalize stupidity and suggesting (tongue-in-cheek) the "Anti-Stupidity Act of 2001".

Gadfly 78 For publication 3/1/2001, discussing the suit against Jonson County for evading Missouri's law on civil forfeitures and the need for full disclosure of this sort of information in sheriff & school board elections.

Gadfly 77 Published 2/22/2001, comparing the worthy and unworthy projects competing for private donations in Warrensburg.

Gadfly 76 Published 2/15/2001, discussing the reasons for low turnout in the city primary and suggesting ways to better inform the electorate.

Gadfly 75 Published 2/8/2001, discussing current efforts to eliminate the supermajority requirement for passing school bonds in certain elections.

Gadfly 74 Published 2/1/2001, discussing Warrensburg in relation to "John Stossel Goes to Washington", including bus service, volunteer groups, ambulance service & garbage/recycling.

Gadfly 73 Published 1/25/2001, discussing ineffectiveness of Warrensburg's 2001 tourism presence.

Gadfly 72 Published 1/11/2001, discussing Warrensburg's utility franchise fee (tax) and its effects.

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