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Gadfly 51
Printed in the Warrensburg Gazette July 13, 2000

The Gadfly is a series of letters offering commentary on local issues and published in the Warrensburg Gazette.

Dear Editor

As we enter the countdown to the August nominating primaries, it’s important to learn as much as one can about the candidates. This is especially important for those who support the so-called “minor parties” where the candidates don’t have access to the money needed to blanket us with advertising touting themselves and tearing at their opponents. Fortunately, the internet gives us access to information about many of them, since most candidates now have websites and many are linked from the Secretary of State’s elections pages For starters, those attracted to the Reform Party might find it quite educational to learn something about some of their candidates who have, shall we say, divergent views.

One of their three candidates for U.S. Senate, Martin Lindstedt, states that one of the purposes of his website is “to propagandize for freedom-oriented social order which allows human beings to attain their full potential free of artificial, man-made constraints. In order to attain this freedom, it is necessary to overthrow the current criminal regime and exterminate regime criminals in order by whatever means necessary in order to finish the Revolutionary work left undone after 1776-1781.” (

Joseph Keller, one of their 3 candidates for Governor, lists his key issues as “Support tax reform and men's rights. Repeal the 16th Amendment, income tax, court-ordered child support, and divorce property settlements. IRS returns, audits and collections violate the Bill of Rights because they are forced testimony and warrantless search and seizure. Your ex-wife rides piggyback on the IRS, using the mark of that beast, the "social security number", to enslave you, the "deadbeat dad", by garnishment.” (

The Reform Party’s other candidates for Governor, Richard Kline ( and Kent Benson ( have websites, too, but their rhetoric is not nearly so intense. Their candidate for Lt. Governor, George Weber ( is pretty much down the Ross Perot line and their State Treasurer candidate, Terrence D. (Terry) Frank, says he’s “a McCain reformer.”( One of their candidates for Secretary of State says “Marvalene Pankey regrets to inform you the Missouri primary election has been effectively stolen and is under the control of the Missouri and beyond organized criminal enterprise.” (

Gosh, isn’t political research fun? Do your own, and vote in the August 8th Primary! [Oh, and vote Libertarian while you're at it!]

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