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Planning and Zoning Election - 1997 Election

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Index to 1997 Documents

Info updated 8/29/2006

This site contains documents & analysis relating to the 1997 attempt to impose county-wide planning. The attempt failed, garnering only about 29% of the vote.

For economic and philosophical rationale to oppose zoning, see this Thomas Sowell column.

General Comments

The author of this page attended two of the public meetings and most of the subsequent work sessions by the Temporary Planning Commission. Before I send you looking at details, a couple of personal observations:
  • The temporary commission members were trying to make a livable, workable plan.
  • The consultants did not tailor the plan to our county. After several months, lots of area meetings, and 3 very long work sessions (in the week before the public hearings) with the temporary commission, there are still many critical areas not ironed out.
  • It has never been made very convenient to view the interim revisions of the plan.

The rest of this analysis is broken down into several areas. For your convenience, each is on a separate page.

Reviews of the "Factual Answers" published in the Warrensburg Daily Star Journal on 10/21/97 thru 10/30/97

| Factual Answers 10/21 | Factual Answers 10/22 | Factual Answers 10/23 | Factual Answers 10/24 |
| Factual Answers 10/27 | Factual Answers 10/28 | Factual Answers 10/29 | Factual Answers 10/30 |

My position paper for the Great Debate, KOKO Radio, 10/31

Intent and Actuality: This section discusses what we, as members of the non-activist general public thought it would do and how well it accomplishes the task. Subsidiary to this section are my testimony at the Public Hearing, A presentation I made to the CLIMB leadership class and my Zoning Facts flyer.

Supporter Comments: See what the people and institutions backing the plan have to say and decide if the their intent and philosphy is what you want governing your land use.

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