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Comments for Public Hearing, Bill Wayne, 431 SE Y, Wbg (Montserrat Township).

I have been following the Planning & Zoning issue closely since last February and have attended many of the P&Z Commission's work sessions. They have worked hard to try to resolve the many problems in the plan developed by the consultants, who have never seemed to be interested in tailoring a plan to THIS county.

A basic question is one of philosophy. The essence of zoning is to institute Government control over everyone's land use because of the actual or perceived misdeeds of few. P&Z imposes blanket controls even when specific controls, such as a sewage disposal ordinance, could readily be adopted to address specific problems. The philosophy behind comprehensive P&Z is "Big Brother Knows Best", a philosophy of Government control over our personal & economic lives. What's worse, it encourages people to spy on their neighbors to report 'violations'.

There are far too many major areas of concern about the plan to discuss in 5 minutes, not in the least that it's still constantly changing; I'll address only a few.

The Zoning Ordinance and so-called County Plan, in its latest incarnation, constitutes a deep and unnecessary intrusion into the lives and rights of rural residents. It controls too much of the 'little people' while minimally hindering those with money and influence. Should it be approved, we will have to ask the Government for permission to conduct virtually any economic activity other than farming. Controlling their own neighbors isn't enough for some residents of Warrensburg and other towns; their strategy is to get the townies to vote in a system to control how we out in the country are to live. Is that what we really want imposed upon us?

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