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Planning & Zoning - the Real Story
Prepared 10/30/97

What Densil Didn't Tell You: - a review, correction and expansion of Temporary Planning and Zoning Commission Chairman Densil Allen's "Factual Answers" to questions, as published in the Warrensburg Daily Star-Journal

Questions from Thursday, 10/30/97

Question: Gee, there weren't any questions. Perhaps someone at the Star Journal looked pulled out their old "Ethics in Journalism" text and realized that what they wre doing was WRONG!
Did You Know: Warrensburg Daily Star-Journal Publisher Avis Tucker gave $500 to the pro-zoning forces.
Did You Know: Her paper's already made over twice that in advertising by both sides?
Did You Know: Her paper stands to make a LOT of money from publishing all the required legal notices if zoning passes. Every zoning change, zoning amendment, and SUP requires two public hearings, one by the P&Z Commission and one by the COunty Commisssion.
Did You Know: People who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones. Editorials subtly attacking the intentions of anti-zoning people give us the right to point out who will profit from zoning.

My Question: Who else spent money pushing zoning?
Did You Know: Of the $4000 the zonies had raised, $500 came from Avis Tucker, $500 from Stahl's, and $2,000 from four large banks (UMB, Farmers & Commerical, Bank of Holden, First Community Bank)
Did You Know: It appears that the zonies spent about $1,400 on a direct mail campaign. Since I didn't get one of those letters, I wonder what they said about me.

Please Vote NO on P&Z this November 4th!

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