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Tourism Lodging Tax

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Updated 8/6/2013

2013 Change Info - Core Documents - Financial Reports - Commentary - Election Info

2013 Change Info

new! 2013 Updates - based on City proposal to remove the CVB function from the Chamber. Documents are public record obtained from city or widely circulated Chamber letter. Please also See Core Documents and Financial Info for other 2013 updates.

Core Documents

  • Original Warrensburg city ordinance establishing the basic ground rules for tax administration.

  • new! 2013 Warrensburg city codes, Chapter 22, Article VII, establishing the current ground rules for tax administration.

  • The original contract between the City and the Chamber for admininistration of the tax.

  • new! The 2012 contract between the City and the Chamber for admininistration of the tax.

Financial Data

Earlier Commentary

I've made a few comments on the latest status in a series of letters published in the Warrensburg Gazette during 1999 thru 2005.

See The Gadfly articles on my Libertarian Page. Several of these cover 'stealth' meetings of the Tourism Advisory Board.

  • Gadfly 269 Published 12/9/2004, contrasting Warrensburg with Sedalia on use of the tourism room tax, to Warrensburg's detriment.

  • Gadfly 257 Published 9/16/2004, discusses the President's visit to Warrensburg, tax support for AMTRAK and tourism dollars.

  • Gadfly 247 Published 7/8/2004, reports on tourism efforts in other areas as noted on a recent vacation and wonders why Warrensburg won't use its Old Drum hook

  • Gadfly 245 Published 6/24/2004, the Blind Boone festival and wondering if Warrensburg will ever have a city-wide event.

  • Gadfly 232 Published , discussing the City's sudden decision to collect room tax on tax exempt motel guests and pointing out that no proof of effectiveness is required of the Chamber. (3/18/2004)
  • Gadfly 224 discusses the failure of Warrensburg's murals to be included in an article in AAA's Midwest Traveler. (1/22/2004)
  • Gadfly 220 critiques a so-called "tourism" brochure developed with tourism taxes and state matching funds. (12/25/2003)
  • Gadfly 199 asks some questions that have never been answered publicly about the effectiveness of the tourism efforts. (7/24/2003)
  • Gadfly 166 suggests that Tourism Board is still conducted in a stealth manner. (11/21/2002)
  • Gadfly 141 suggests that the GWACC&VC could spend tourism money effectively by helping coordinate event schedules so major events don't conflict. (5/30/2002)
  • Gadfly 124 noted that there were no Warrensburg crochures at any Kansas City area tourist info center. (1/31/2002)
  • Gadfly 106 discusses a meeting with the chamber & tourism board presidents and information gathered from most recent requests. (9/20/01)
  • Gadfly 100 discusses the chamber's confusing financial statements. (8/12/01)
  • Gadfly 99 discusses the chamber's cooperative marketing projects using a combination of tourism tax and state funds. (8/01)
  • Gadfly 98 is an initial discussion of data received under the Sunshine Law request. (August 2001)
  • Gadfly 93 a copy of the a letter requesting data under the Sunshine Law (June 2001)
  • Gadfly 92 covering the improperly constituted advisory board (June 2001)
  • Gadfly 57 covering the August 2000 meeting. (8/00)
  • Gadfly 48 covering the June meeting. (6/00)
  • Gadfly 40 covering the April meeting. (4/00)
  • Gadfly 34 covering the February meeting. (2/00)
  • A review of the first years spending reports located at

Information on the Election that passed the tax

Vote Results, 1998 Tourism tax election: The tax passed with 51.7% to 48.3% (674-630). Considering the money spent supporting it and the margin of passage in other cities, a 44 vote margin shows that Warrensburg doesn't trust its Chamber of Commerce. We'll be watching!

A member of the Chamber's tourism tax committee saw Sandra at the local PW store and told her that "your business will be harmed if this doesn't pass"! See Sandra's Response. Interestingly, our new Cottage opened in October 1998 and business turned out to be just great!

Background: On April 7, 1998, the residents of Warrensburg, voted on a 2.5% room tax to fund a Convention & Visitors Bureau. It is estimated that the tax will bring the city about $50,000 per year. The City proposed to contract with the Chamber of Commerce to administer the funds.

My Qualifications for discussing the issue: Owner/operator of Cedarcroft Farm Bed & Breakfast since 1988. Former member & Chair of the Tourism Committee of the Warrensburg Chamber of Commerce. Personally advocated passsage of the Division of Tourism funding plan through contact with legislators in 1993 & 1994. Served in various capacities on the board of Bed & Breakfast Inns of Missouri, a statewide professional and marketing organization; prepared cooperative marketing program requests for FY 96, 97, 98 & 99, managed BBIM's advertising and marketing program for those years.

Specific Discussions

Questions presented to the Mayor in December, 1997

Statement presented to the Warrensburg City Council, January 1998.

Letter to Editor Daily Star Journal, delivered 2/13/98 - never printed

Letter to Editor Warrensburg Gazette, delivered 2/13/98 and printed.

Sandra's Letter to the Editor, delivered 3/9/98, relating to the threat to our business she received from a tax supporter.

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