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Updated 6/16/2011

These pages contains documents & analysis relating to taxes or assessments proposed or voted on in 2002 and more recent issues. For issues involving the Board of Services, see Free Press articles

Transportation Development District

This relates to the proposal by the developers of Hawthorne Place north of Warrensburg to add a 1/2 cent sales tax at Wal-Mart to pay for their streets. I've added a lot more comments in my Blog, which has links to digitalBurg.com articles and interviews.

Update, Jun 2011! Development in Trouble! - Looks like they're in financial trouble. I had a lot to say about this when it was approved back in late '05, and boy, "I told you so!." Read this in DigitalBurg.com.

Update, Jan 2009! Development in Trouble!

  • DSJ article on request for city support
  • DSJ editorial supporting "compromise" 2005 - when it was proposed:
  • A letter by Jim Skelton to the Daily Star Journal, and unpublished by that paper. It's available here in MSWord format.

    Earlier Writings:

  • Statement to the City Council, August 4th, 2005, with additional information on how the tax works.

  • Statement to the City Council, August 29th, 2005.

  • Gadfly 306Letter to the Warrensburg Gazette reacting to the City Council's cave-in on the "Wal-Mart" sales tax to benefit Hawthorne Place and wonders about compliance with the Sunshine Law.

  • Gadfly 305 Letter to the Warrensburg Gazette with the latest status on the tax and asking for citizen action.

  • Letter to Warrensburg Gazette with more details on possible adverse affects of the tax.
  • Letter to Warrensburg Gazette asking citizens to take action.
  • Letter to Warrensburg Gazette first alerting people to the proposed tax.

    Ambulance District

    See Gadfly Articles written as the Ambulance Board spending spree continued

    Pre-Election Analysis written for the Warrensburg Free Press

    Candidate Principles for my run for subdistrict 5 for the ambulance board

    Newspaper Statement Provided to the Warrensburg Star Journal

    Library District Levy

    Post election analysis of the defeat of the levy.

    See also Gadfly 107 and Gadfly 130 for additional comments.

    Community Improvement District

    Free Press article on the initial public meetings.

    Follow-up Article from the Free Press.

    new Analysis published in the Free Press

    Gadfly 140 article on what they did wrong.

    School Issues

    Free Press article analyzing school finances.

    See also Gadfly 128, Gadfly 135 and Gadfly 138 for additional commentary.

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