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Other Taxing Issues - Transportation Development District "Wal-Mart tax"

Statement to the City Council
August 4, 2005. Statement was excerpted in a news report by the Warrensburg Daily Star Journal

I'm Bill Wayne, rural Warrensburg. I speak as a city property owner, as a shopper at Wal-Mart, and as County Chair for the Libertarian Party. I urge the City Council to defeat the resolution establishing a TDD for the following reasons.
  1. It is a taking of taxpayer property to benefit a private party. When the Supreme Court said New London CT could take a lot of property from a few people and turn it over to a private developer, people around the nation were outraged; on-line polls indicated over 95% disapproved. What is proposed is the taking of a small amount of property from a lot of people. The principle is the same.
  2. It will affect the use of sales tax for legitimate government purposes. You saw how badly the tax for the jail failed, despite the dire need to replace the existing firetrap. If people will vote so heavily against that, what do you think they'll do when they see their tax money being lavished on a retail development - especially when space remains at privately financed developments.
  3. Warrensburg cannot afford the bad relations. Election results show that the rest of the county is very leery of any proposal that they think will benefit the City of Warrensburg - see the Jail and the Trails Library votes. There are other places with lower tax rates where people can shop.
  4. To require the taxpayers to fund this development is unfair to existing retail businesses and owners of other retail developments.
It is not the taxpayer's responsibility to bail out businesses for poor decisions. Please defeat the resolution.

The following was not part of the presentation, but describes just how the TDD works:

Some additional background
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