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Planning and Zoning Issue - 2007-9

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For historic documents relating to the 1997 Zoning Election, click here

Updated 2/23/2009

This site contains documents & analysis relating to the effort beginning in 2007 to institute county-wide planning & zoning.
This attempt was initiated after someone supposedly proposed a "halfway house" development for up to 400 sex offenders. While letters to the editor voiced a suspicion that it was all a scam, people in the area supposedly to be affected started a successful petition drive to place zoning on the ballot.

For economic and philosophical rationale to oppose zoning, see this Thomas Sowell column.

For zoning "horror stories", see this collection of links. - updated 2/23/09

For legal authority for this P&Z effort, see Missouri Revised Statutes 64.725.

Initial Comments

I was appointed to the Temporary Planning Commission as alternate representative for Montserrat Township. As such, I will be able to work to make whatever the people vote on as limited as possible. In addition, I will post whatever information I receive (in whatever formats are most convenient for me). I will also include commentary on my Old Drum Blog.

new! - A committee has been formed to oppose zoning. Please see JonsonLiberty.com to see what is happening and to learn how to get involved in the anti-zoning effort.

A key issue in zoning is that once it is passed, the County Commission can change any or all of the plan and regulations by a vote of 2 of the three commissioners. See what the Daily Star Journal said about the current County Commission on 2/2/09: High-handed move by commissioners. The editorial included this quote: "Under such circumstances, officeholders and anyone else should think twice about the worth of a commission agreement."

new! - Zoning Facts - A Q&A about this zoning plan and what it will & won't do for you.

Agenda for Public Hearing January 6 & 13, 2009

Comments from December Public Meetings and actions resulting therefrom

There is now a website where the draft plans can be read in Adobe PDF format. All recent computers have the Adobe Acrobat Reader installed; the site has a link to download a free reader. WWW.JOCOPLANNING.COM

Updates, January 2009

In order to preserve the current version of the county plan and draft zoning regulations, I've posted them here: