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Planning & Zoning - the Real Facts
Updated 2/21/2009
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Special Question: Will zoning be mandatory if Johnson County becomes a 1st Class County? Question 1: Will P&Z keep out "Mega Farms"?

Question 2: Will P&Z keep out "juice bars" or other adult entertainment?

Question 2A: What about "Group Homes" such as "halfway houses," etc.?

Question 3: Will P&Z make my neighbors dispose of their sewage properly?

Question 4: Will P&Z keep my neighbors from putting in a mobile home?

Question 5: Will P&Z make my neighbors clean up their "junky" property?

Question 6: Will P&Z solve any existing problems, then?

Question 7: Can I sell off a couple of acres along the road to someone to build a house?

Question 7A: Are there any restrictions on lot size or shape?

Question 8: If I want to open a small business on my property, am I affected?

Question 8A: What if I already have a business?

Question 9: How do I get a conditional use permit?

Question 10: OK, then, how do I get rezoned?

Question 11: What are some of the other limits on my property use?

Question 12: Who's responsible for carrying out the zoning laws.

Question 13: How will the zoning system be paid for?

Question 14: Are the P&Z documents (comprehensive plan & zoning ordinance) in good shape?

Question 15: I live in Warrensburg or Holden. How does this plan affect me?

County-Wide P&Z was turned down before because people were rightly afraid of granting government such wide powers. We should rightly fear what Government can do to us as this plan evolves.

Please Vote NO on P&Z on April 7th, 2009!

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