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February 26, 2004

Precinct Committeeperson – hows and whys to file:

Every two years we get a chance to become “officially” involved in our party. The precinct (or township) committeepersons make up the county committee. The county committee is the official voice of the party in the county and appoints representatives to the other various committees – for the judicial, senatorial, legislative and congressional districts. The committee for the congressional district selects the state committee. The other committees select the party’s candidate if there’s a special election because of a vacancy – no committee, no candidate.

Each precinct, by law, may elect a committeeman and committeewoman. In most counties, filing is easy – and it’s also a test of the local county clerk. All you need to do is have your voter card or an ID that shows your address, then go visit your county clerk. Tell the clerk’s office that you want to file for Libertarian committeeman/woman for your precinct or township. They’ll fill out some forms, you sign them, swear it's correct, and that’s it. St. Louis and Kansas City are a bit different. There’s a fee involved; someone from one of those cities (or maybe it’s the county) might want to elaborate.

If the clerk’s office doesn’t want to let you file because the party isn’t organized yet in your county, remind them that the Libertartian Party is a recognized party in Missouri. Be insistent. The first couple of times I tried they gave me some grief, but they called the Secretary of State’s office and were set straight.

The best thing is that this is one election that doesn’t require financial disclosure, campaign reports, or a filing fee. If you’re unopposed, your name doesn’t even show up on the ballot. You do get your name in the Blue Book.

It’s the easiest way to stand up and say, "I am a Libertarian."

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