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Gadfly 287
Submitted to the Warrensburg Gazette for April 21, 2005

The Gadfly is a series of letters offering commentary on local issues and published in the Warrensburg Gazette.

Warrensburg has some good news and some bad news on our streets and highways. The bad news, of course, was that the Highway 13 bypass failed to make the highway improvement list. When the project was reduced from a full bypass to a mini-bypass connecting US-50 to MO-DD, there was little doubt that it would fail. The mini-bypass didn't make much sense looking at general traffic patterns it would take people well out of their way and would do little to reduce congestion on Maguire Street.

On the plus side are the new signs telling people how to find Warrensburg's attractions. Since we deal with a lot of out of town tourists, we've long advocated directional signs so guests wont think that the Maguire Street strip is downtown. Now they'll actually have signs to tell them where to find things. While I wonder some about the selection of sign locations (for example, on Warren Street), anything is a major improvement.

One of the sites pointed out on the new signs is Blind Boone Park. If you haven't been out there lately, you need to see the progress. It's been a long haul, but the park should be ready for re-dedication in mid-summer. Its taken 5 years, lots of volunteer hours and generous donations from the community. The park won't be quite ready by the Blind Boone Music and Arts Festival, June 11th, which is the next Sesquicentennial event. I bet the Sesquicentennial Committee could do well if they set up info and sales booths at events such as this, the Highland Games last weekend, or the upcoming Johnson County Fair.

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