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Candidate Interview, November 5, 2002 General Election

121st Legislative District - Jim Jackson (Democrat)

For Warrensburg Free Press

  1. Tax issues
    1. Since Proposition B failed overwhelmingly, itís clear voters donít want highway taxes in this form. The largest users should pay the most. If I-70 could be made a toll road across the state, then transient vehicles could pay for its repair and maintenance, leaving the funds now used available for other highways. Increases in funds overall could come from increased economic development: more jobs equlas more gas tax. Voters want complete accountability to assure money is spent in the proper way. The Highway Commission must do this.
    2. The Hancock Amendment makes sense in bad times; in good times it penalizes government by not allowing it to build reserves for bad times.
    3. Controls already exist if enforced properly and equally by the local responsible body. The area around Applebees would have developed much more quickly if the infrastructure proposed in the TIF had been built.
    4. Create economic development. Revenue hasnít reached prior levels while spending anticipated higher revenues. Greater employment bases increase the tax base.
    5. Tax based on income is a reasonable method, as long as it is fair and proportional.
  2. School issues
    1. Majority vote. A simple majority should rule as everyone has the opportunity to vote on issues.
    2. The sales tax is pretty high already and as a retail merchant would hate to see it go up further; sales tax is also generally allocated already. Need to find a better way than property taxes, but do not have specific suggestions.
    3. Use of the current ďagriculture exemptionĒ to a September start date has been stretched by many districts. The difficulty is in planning for teacher days, snow days, breaks and still having reasonable start and finish dates.
    4. No. People pay taxes for public schools. Parent should be able to send children to any schools they desire but shouldnít be funded by the state.
    5. Yes. Local positions should have term limits. Jackson introduced term limits to Warrensburg City Council.
  3. Gun Issues
    1. Sees no serious problem with concealed carry, allowing for reasonable restrictions such as banning carry in mass gathering places (schools, churches, concerts) and requiring license holders to be trained in use.
    2. Not if purchased legally.
    3. Doesnít think needed
    4. If commit a crime with a weapon should be prosecuted to full extent. Does not see a need to differentiate by type of weapon.
    5. Not familiar with specifics, but draws analogy of someone suing a baseball bat company for misuse of a bat, which he would not agree with.
    6. Yes, sees as a deterrent. Thinks jury system provides adequate safeguards on executing innocent.
  4. Security Issues
    1. Have to abide by constitution and canít take rights at will without just cause. Authorities should have some latitude to stop a terrorist act before it is committed.
    2. Warrants should be required, but sees no problem with secret searches if warrants obtained.
    3. Believes most people have sufficient identification now.
  5. Liberties Issues
    1. Might be used in some cases, but not for commercial development.
    2. State shouldnít have justification to stand between woman and physician and tell her what to do with her body. Minors should have parental involvement in decision. Family planning makes sense. Would not totally restrict state payment for abortion services. Would vote against constitutional amendment banning most abortions.
    3. Neither lost nor won. Need to continue fighting it as it affects so much in society. Does not favor significant changes in drug laws to liberalize or tighten. Would not support medical marijuana; would prefer alternate medicines be used if available.
    4. Does not support state mandates. Notes that zoning only comes into play if neighbor is putting up something harmful to property owner, but should be able to do anything one wants as long as it doesnít harm neighbor. Codes are safety issue. Should be a local decision but all county residents, including those already in a zoned area, should vote on the issue.
  6. Government issues
    1. No for state legislature and congress, yes for local offices. Feel lose consistency at higher levels but local people are much closer to the local issues and reasons for decisions.
    2. Not familiar with level of pensions provided.
    3. Represent views of constituents equally and fairly. Sees as similar to customer service by a business, with constituents as the customers.
    4. Money is in the budget for the entire state, not for the part generating it.
    5. Arts are important. Should support funding and also making government facilities available for the arts and culture.
    6. Yes. Idea that male & female getting unequal pay for similar job doesnít sit well.
    7. Yes. Symbol of country, needs a great deal of respect.
  7. Environmental issues.
    1. Federal rules adequate
    2. Feels that current regulations are pretty good, fair and reasonable.
    3. If thereís a specific problem, it needs to be addressed. Should recognize that nature can overwhelm normal farm controls.
    4. Confinement activities need to be environmentally sound whatever their size.
  8. Economic issues
    1. This is very important. Too many industries have left the state. Should work to attract new industries, especially booming ones, either as new startups or to move from elsewhere.
    2. Commercial development should be a private development; state role would be to encourage progressive development.
    3. AMTRAK is very important to the district and should be saved. Would like to see CMSUís airport able to accommodate small corporate jets to upgrade student training opportunities and to encourage development of an industrial/office complex at the airport. Thinks that urban mass transit needs to be money making.
    4. Would love to see affordable universal health care for everyone in state. Does not have a suggestion on how to pay for it.
    5. Sees conflict in malpractice reform. Lack of ceiling on awards limits insurance providers and raises rates, but a truly injured patient may need a substantial award to be able to live a decent life. Frivolous tort lawsuits should be thrown out of court.

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