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Candidate Finance Comparison, November 5, 2002 General Election

121st Legislative District - Jim Jackson (Democrat) vs. David Pearce (Republican)

For Warrensburg Free Press
Posted 10/28/02

The race for 121st District state representative is getting expensive. Based on their September 30th campaign finance reports, Jim Jackson and David Pearce had raised almost $57,000 between them. With a month to go before the election, Pearce had raised $27,478 and Jackson $29,383. Jacksonís remaining war chest was $21,024, while Pearce had $16,493 to spend. These figures do not include money spent on behalf of the candidates by others, such as direct mailings from the state Republican Party on behalf of Pearce.

Campaign finance reporting forms can be complex, which leads to differences in how some information is reported; that also makes it difficult to report totals with absolute reliability. Nevertheless, some clear trends are apparent in where the candidates find their funds.

Political action committees have provided over $7500 to Pearce, one third of that from banking-related PACs. Jackson has collected about $4500 in PAC money, again about 1/3 bank-related. Jackson has also collected support from labor and trial attorney PACs, while Pearce has drawn support of school-related groups and business and insurance groups. Some groups, such as Sprintís PAC, gave money to both candidates.

Political party support has been important to both candidates. Jackson has received over $2250 from unopposed candidatesí campaign funds and another $500 from his party. Pearce has benefited to the tune of $2300 from the Johnson County Republican Party, with another $1000 from other candidates and party groups.

Both individuals have raised substantial amounts of local money. Pearce received about 30 large contributions for around $7700 and over $5400 in smaller contributions below the threshold for by-name reporting. Jackson reported over 160 local contributions for over $15,800, plus over $2500 in individual donations from outside the district. Both candidates held local fundraising events; Pearceís garnered $1965 while Jacksonís brought in $5815.

The 121st District is viewed as a swing district, with the relatively liberal University community offset by more conservative rural interests. The district, formerly represented by Democrat Deleta Williams, was realigned during the redistricting process to add the Holden and Centerview areas, areas which have supported Republican Jim Howerton in past elections. Swing districts draw a lot of attention and attention means money. Voters who are really concerned about the sources of candidate money can inspect the reports for themselves at the Voter Registration office in the courthouse basement; the next reports are due in by October 28th.

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