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Other Taxing Issues - Transportation Development District "Wal-Mart tax"

Statement to the City Council
August 29, 2005.

Statement regarding Hawthorne Development TDD

I'm Bill Wayne, Chairman of the Johnson County Libertarian Party

I have had a chance to look at the details of the agreements as of 10 AM this morning. There are several details that, unless changed by a later draft, I find disturbing.

I oppose this tax on 3 grounds:
  1. It is unfair to local developers who have paid for their own improvements.

  2. It is unfair to existing business owners who must compete without tax subsidies.

  3. It is doubly unfair to Wal-Mart customers who will have to pay more for what they buy, while Wal-Mart will be protected from new competition.
It has been said that the parties to this agreement are simply doing what is allowed by state law. That is true, but many things that are legal are not moral or ethical. I think this agreement crosses that line.

One small consolation; A TDD is a "political subdivision of the state" and as thus should be subject to the Sunshine Law.

Some additional background

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